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Ammo: XM193 vs XM855

XM193 and XM855¬†are 5.56x45mm rounds that are used with the AR-15 platform. Most commonly, they are used by the US military in M4 and M16 rifles and carbines, but they are also two of the most popular 5.56 rounds among the civilian market (likely because of the military adoption). That’s… 

Gun Safe Shootout (Entry Level)

If you own any firearms, you probably understand the importance of keeping them locked up when they are not in use. Many people store their guns in a “gun cabinet” which is a simple metal cabinet with a locking mechanism in it, which cost about $100. Gun cabinets are great… 

The RigCast AR Buyers Guide

If you’ve been thinking about buying an AR, or just started learning about ARs, there’s some things you should learn about the weapon system first. In specific, the differences between consumer grade quality, and mil-spec quality. To help, I’ve compiled a guide of information that should help you get started….