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About RigCast

My name is Brandon Mart, and I am the sole author, editor, and curator here at RigCast. I’m an avid adventurer and a dedicated search and rescue member with the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit. Self-admittedly, I am a gear junkie. I am very passionate about finding systems that work for me in SAR, EDC, emergency situations, backcountry travel, and life in general. Finding equipment, tech, and vehicles that work for my systems takes persistant effort and countless hours of research, testing, and improving.

Originally, I documented my research and findings on spreadsheets and notebooks, but eventually I found value in consolidating and curating everything digitally within Google Docs. The more involved I got with SAR and adventuring, the more people wanted to discuss and review my research, so I would share my Google Docs with individuals. This worked very well for years, but I soon realized that documenting my ongoing pursuit for perfect systems was a system all in its own, and that it deserved some grand improvements of its own. Through evolution, that system became RigCast.

RigCast is a documented pursuit for gear, equipment, and adventure. SAR Rescue Technicians, hikers, active and retired military, desert rats, LEOs, backpackers, MX racers, vagabonds, and beach bums have all helped develop and grow RigCast’s backend and content. Even though the website is a solo hobby, it is the people in my life that drive the content here. That’s because RigCast is more than just a website, it’s a state of mind. Everyone is either searching for or has a hobby or activity in their life that they are passionate about, that they want to get better at, that they want to expand on in a way that it touches as much of their life as possible. RigCast is a visual and textual representation of that pursuit and the lifestyle that encompasses it.


I welcome you to my endeavor, my journal, my pursuit.


Brandon Mart

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