Waterproof Garment Care

There’s a lot of recommended procedures for cleaning, re-charging, and maintaining waterproof gear. Generally, these are the universal tips to remember: Wash often, it helps maintain the performance of your garment. Use performance wash liquids intended for waterproof materials. If you don’t have any, use a gentle powdered detergent and rinse with water 2 or more […]

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Person holding random orbital sander

The Best Sandpaper Discs for Wood

Sanding discs are commonly attached to random orbital sanders via hook and loop, and are simply circular cuts of sandpaper built to withstand the rigors of motorized application. Sandpaper discs that have holes in them are intended to collect dust through the holes when used with compatible random orbital sanders, and is a popular combination.

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Inspire 1 custom DIY case top view

Custom Case for DJI Inspire 1

Getting the DJI Inspire 1 ready for a flight with the camera is a chore. Since the OEM case requires the drone to commute between flights in a “Travel Mode,” and the camera doesn’t fit on the drone in Travel Mode, every Inspire 1 pilot must follow the setup dance: Power On Exit Travel Mode

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Seattle docks and boats

Touring Seattle, WA

After the overnight in Prosser, WA it was on to Seattle, WA for a white-coat ceremony and some exploring. First off was the graduation. I have been to Seattle many times, but never had the opportunity to visit the University of Washington. The white-coat ceremony gave me the opportunity to explore a bit, and I found

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Tough Mudder 2014

I’ve been meaning to get this up for a while now. I completed my second Tough Mudder this year in Phoenix, AZ with two of my very good friends. I wore a GoPro on my chest and did my best to capture the start and obstacles. Unfortunately, one clip was corrupted (the “Just the Tip”

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Trailer Production has Begun

It may not look like much, but this is the trailer build in progress. Ron at Bivouac Camping Trailers sent me these cell phone shots today, highlighting some of the progress on the Rigid lighting and wheel adapters from A-Dapt-It USA. Ron, Rick, and their team have been nothing short of stellar to work with over

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Overland Expo 2014 Recap

Overland Expo 2014 is packed up and dispersed. Having lived in Phoenix for every single Overland Expo, I feel somewhat of a dunce for never having heard of it while I lived there, or attended (obviously). Ironically, I didn’t become aware of the event until I discovered an interest in overlanding, after I moved out of Arizona. Anyways, boo

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Kestrel wine tasting menu

Touring in Prosser, WA.

On the road to Seattle, I spent a night in Prosser. The group I was with wanted to stop here for wine tastings. I didn’t really know what to expect! Wine tasting in a small town in the middle of Washington? First off, I’m no wine aficionado. I can appreciate a good wine, but my

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