RigCast High Honors

This list is meant to provide a flash resource on items that RigCast highly recommends. Some have an R3, some don’t (yet). Most all of these are high-scoring go-to gear that RC has found to be of high value. The key descriptor here is “high value.” There are going to be much more expensive products, that might perform better, but RC has found these products to be comparable to more expensive options while maintaining a reasonable price.

These recommendations are obviously highly subjective. This is not meant to be an end-all list of what is best, labeling all other products as inferior. It is simply a recommendation list compiled strictly from RigCast’s personal experiences with these specific products. There are obviously going to be comparable products that perform just as well (or better), with similar value. So please, chew on this page with a grain of salt.

Updated August 9, 2012

  • Air Compressor, Oil-Free: Porter-Cable C6110 (R3 Published)
  • Backpack, Hiking, External Frame: Kelty Trekker 65L
  • Caliper, Digital: Neiko 6-Inch Digital Caliper
  • Camera, DSLR: Canon EOS Rebel T2i
  • Camera, Action Sports: GoPro Hero 2
  • Camping Stove: Jetboil Sol
  • Firestarting, Flint: UST Sparkie
  • Firestarting, Tender: Trioxane
  • Firestarting, Matches: REI Storm Proof Matches
  • Gloves, Mechanic: Mechanix FastFit Gloves
  • Gloves, Firearms: Mechanix CG Framer Gloves
  • GPS, Trail, Full Feature: Garmin GPSMap 60CSx
  • Hearing Protection, Garage: Peltor H10A Optime 105
  • Hearing Protection, Shooting Muff: Howard Leight Impact Sport
  • Hearing Protection, Shooting Buds: EarPro EP4 (R3 Published)
  • Impact Wrench, Compressed Air: Ingersoll-Rand 2130
  • iPhone, Case: Element Case Ion Series (R3 Published)
  • Knife, Survival Blade: ESEE Junglas
  • Knife, Survival Blade, Lightweight: Buck Hoodlum (I2 Published)
  • LED Garage Light, Flood: Cooper Lighting LED130
  • LED Headlamp, Close Quarters: Zebralight H502
  • LED Headlamp, Night Hiking: Zebralight H51 (R3 Published)
  • LED Torch, Single 16340 (EDC): Jetbeam RRT0 R5
  • LED Torch, Single 18650: Jetbeam RRT-21
  • LED Torch, Spotlight: 4Sevens Maelstrom G5
  • Lubricant, Firearms: Slip 2000 EWL 30
  • Maintenance, Cleaning, Gun: Ballistol (R3 Published)
  • Maintenance, Cleaning, Knife: Ballistol (R3 Published)
  • Multi-Tool: Leatherman Wingman
  • OBDII Scanner: Actron CP9180
  • Pistol, .22LR: Ruger 22/45 5.5″ Bull Barrel (P512MKIII)
  • Pistol, 9mm: SA XD(M)
  • Rechargeable Cell Brand, Li-Ion: AW
  • Rechargeable Cell Brand, NiMH: Eneloop
  • Rechargeable Cell Charger, Li-Ion: Pila IBC
  • Rechargeable Cell Charger, 12v Car/Moto: Deltran Battery Tender Plus
  • Rechargeable Cell Size, Li-Ion: Protected 18650
  • Rifle Case, Plastic, Dual: SKB 2R5212-7B
  • Rifle, Air/Pellet: FX T12 Whisper
  • Rifle, AR-15, DI: BCM 16″ Mid Length
  • Shotgun, Tactical: Remington 870 Express Tactical
  • Soldering Iron: Weller WP35
  • Solar Power, Portable: Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit (R3 Published)
  • Tent, 4p/3s: Sierra Designs Zeta 4
  • Tent, 4p/3s, Ultralight: Sierra Designs Lightning XT4
  • Tent, Stakes: MSR Groundhog
  • Tent, Ultralight: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 2
  • Tool Chest, Large Roller: US General #90320
  • Torque Wrench: GearWrench 85054
  • Tripod, DSLR: Slik Sprint Pro II
  • Watch, ABC: Suunto Vector

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