Waterproof Garment Care

There’s a lot of recommended procedures for cleaning, re-charging, and maintaining waterproof gear. Generally, these are the universal tips to remember: Wash often, it helps maintain the performance of your garment. Use performance wash liquids intended for waterproof materials. If you don’t have any, use a gentle powdered detergent and rinse with water 2 or more […]

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Person holding random orbital sander

The Best Sandpaper Discs for Wood

Sanding discs are commonly attached to random orbital sanders via hook and loop, and are simply circular cuts of sandpaper built to withstand the rigors of motorized application. Sandpaper discs that have holes in them are intended to collect dust through the holes when used with compatible random orbital sanders, and is a popular combination.

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road with evaporating water

Smoking Roads

A quick downpour followed by sunshine and warming asphalt created this effect. All paved surfaces were ‘smoking’ for about 40m. If you look in the distance you can see the steam rising off in mass from the runways and taxiways.

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RigCast. My Sick, Sick Passion

I am creating this blog to not only keep track of the immense amount of material and data I collect during my research of products but to review products after I use them. Initially spawning from a frugal lifestyle, proper planning and research became a necessity of every purchase I made. Everything from freeze-dried food

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