Updates for the Bak Roll-X

Bak Industries quietly updated its Roll-X bed cover recently. Here are the changes:

  • The large plastic hand fasteners (connecting the cover to the rails) have been replaced by standard nuts.
  • There are now four fastener points connecting the cover to the rail, improved from the previous generation’s two fastener points.
  • Rails now have channels which interlock with the rail clamps.
  • Locking “tab” now has an adjustable height setting (fastened with a wing nut), which allows adjustment for locking mechanism.
  • The flat weather stripping on the rear of the cover (for the tailgate) has been removed. New D-shaped weather stripping has been added to the interior lip of the cover, intended to seal against a closed tailgate. This also allows you to close the tailgate with the cover closed, as opposed to the old design which required you to close the tailgate before closing the cover.

Overall, I think these are improvements to the Roll-X. The only negative thing I have noticed is that the new tailgate D-shaped weather stripping does not seal as well as the old design, and water (especially during car washes) tends to leak down along the tailgate.

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