Review: Timberland LiteTrace Mid

The Timberland LiteTrace boot is built for hikers who care about weight and performance. Each boot weighs under 12 ounces, which is incredible considering this is an over-the-ankle hiking boot. However, lightweight materials usually aren’t very durable and tend to degrade under heavy use faster than heavier weight products. So, how does the LiteTrace hold […]

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Review: Pit Bull Rear Stand

If you own a motorcycle, chances are you will need a way to get the rear wheel off the ground at some point in your riding career. Chain maintenance, sprocket replacement, and wheel removal are just a few of the common procedures that the average motorcycle rider will need to be able to accomplish. Since

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Review: Casio PAW5000-1

An ABC watch is a wrist-worn timepiece that doubles as a science vessel. It has the ability to calculate (read: estimate) the altitude, barometric pressure, and compass headings at the watch’s location. It’s the perfect combination for an outdoorsy geek, like myself. In November, after some ABC research, I decided to buy into the unique

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Review: Skullcandy Ti Headphones

Most people have heard of Skullcandy. They are the audio drug of every high school skater, novice hipster, and extreme sports chasing teenager out there. For a while back in 2009, I kept seeing Skullcandy everywhere, specifically on ads that had “40% OFF!” written somewhere on it. Eventually, my empty wallet collided with a need

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Review: Buffwear Head Buffs

I received a Buff as a gift several years ago for a 7-day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon during the summertime. I remembered seeing them on the show ‘Survivor’ that I used to watch, but I hadn’t thought about them much since. I mean, it’s just a sleeve of cloth with openings on both

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Review: Ballistol CLP

I remember when I first heard about Ballistol, I took it as just another marketing ploy. It’s supposed to be a great cleaner, lubricant, and protectant (hence the “CLP”) for guns, knives, wood, plastic, tools, marine equipment, and even…plants? On top of that, it’s bio-degradable, non-greasy, non-conductive, and non-toxic. In fact, not only is it noncarcinogenic,

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Review: SOG Trident Folder

The SOG Trident Tanto has been my solitary EDC blade since I received it in September, and it hasn’t let me down. It excels at certain things and falls short with others. I’d recommend it as a general-purpose multi-use blade, but not a tool I would trust with my life.

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