Mobile Videography, Free Today

I don’t like taking bulky camera equipment with me for video recording, so I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve using my iPhone as a primary means of capturing video footage. Unfortunately, I don’t like using the standard iPhone video app because it doesn’t autofocus. Until now, I have relied on Filmic Pro as my primary video capturing application, but it has bugs that often delete my footage. So, in an effort to find a reliable solution, I have been trying every iPhone video app that I can get my hands on. The most recent is an app called Video Camera (link will take you to the iTunes store). Video Camera is a top of the line iPhone app that not many people try out because it normally costs $7.99, which is a lot to pay for an app in comparison to the competition. Today, however, Video Camera is free. If you plan on doing any videography or vlogging on your mobile iDevice, I would definitely take advantage of this very rare opportunity, and snag this awesome app for free while you can. Inside you’ll find video editing software, a beautiful and user-friendly UI, uploading capabilities, seamless movie clip creation, flashlight capabilities, and yes, autofocus. Not to mention that its 4.5-star review from 1700+ reviewers says quite a bit about this little app.

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