Overland Expo 2014 Recap

Overland Expo 2014 is packed up and dispersed. Having lived in Phoenix for every single Overland Expo, I feel somewhat of a dunce for never having heard of it while I lived there, or attended (obviously). Ironically, I didn’t become aware of the event until I discovered an interest in overlanding, after I moved out of Arizona. Anyways, boo hoo, I missed it again this year after a a lifetime of it only being a couple hours away every year. Even though I wasn’t able to attend, I’ve done my best to keep up with the ins and outs of the 2014 event, tracking down videos and pictures, and discovering the new products.

If you missed the 2014 OX as well, here is a compilation of interesting post-expo content being published around the web. I’ll update this page as more items are published this coming week.

OX 2014 Pictures





OX 2014 Videos



OX 2014 Product Launches

Mosko Moto bags and luggage

Delorme inReach Explorer

Pronghorn modular front bumper for Toyota Tacoma

2014 Ram Power Wagon

Did I miss something? Comment below. New to overlanding? Be sure to visit ExpeditionPortal.com.

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