Initial Impressions: SOG Trident Tanto Folder

An Initial Impression (I2) on the SOG Trident Tanto folder. A couple of things I noticed after a day with my newest folder. The Arc Lock button has some free movement, which I didn’t expect. It’s just one of those things that brings the quality “feel” down a bit, even though the lock functions fine. When locked out, the blade has some play. More laterally than against the lock, but that’s pretty typical of a SOG folder. The safety lock allows some give when locked closed, which is just another one of those quality “feel” degradations. The pivot is a bit tight. You can see that the blade is pretty tough to close, and grips on opening if you don’t do it quick. Nothing a little star key and some Ballistol can’t fix. Out of the box, the blade is SHARP! Shaves paper like butter. Unfortunately though, using the dedicated cord/strap cutting slot in the handle provides for less than desirable results. It still works, but a dedicated hook cutter is preferable. Actually that seems to be the theme of the blade so far, nothing’s perfect, but “it still works.”

I’ll give it a shot, EDC it for a while, and write up an R3 in time.

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