Fisher Space Pen deconstructed

Review: Fisher Military Space Pen

I’m going to write a review about a pen. Yes, a writing utensil with ink. In an effort to create a friendly review process while creating an efficient reading experience, I am exploring new ways of how I do reviews. Let’s see how this works out.

Model: Fisher Space Pen #M4B

Personal Experience: 3+ Years

Amazon Cost: $12.00


The M4B is matte black with a gas-charged ink canister. This means it can write upside down, in extreme temps (-30F to 250F), it won’t clog or dry up, and you can even write on plastic and underwater with it. It’s not an ordinary pen, folks. I’ve got 3 of these, and I cherish them all. Yes, they are just a fancy pen, but sometimes having a reliable pen on-hand can be such a blessing that is taken for granted. I use them for daily tasks and SAR fieldwork and I like to have one on hand at all times, just like a good EDC blade.

The Good

  • Matte black
  • Charged ink canister
  • Will always write, no matter what

The Bad

  • Fairly easy to lose them. Not because of size necessarily, but just because they look like a normal pen. In a box of pens, it won’t stand out. In the darkness of a bag, it won’t be easy to spot. Also, they tend to disappear when around other people. People will steal them, guaranteed.

Final Judgement: Buy Several

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