Portable Solar Panel Shootout

Interested in clean, free, portable power? Solar power is more than just great for backcountry comforts, but it is also an invaluable asset in a power outage or SHTF event. Even though the basic technology has been around for over 150 years, the consumer market for portable solar panels is still in its infancy. The market is very mercurial, and you will find that performance, durability, and price vary greatly between companies, and even between products within the same company.

In a market like this, it is very important for the consumer to do some extra legwork in order to ensure that they are not going to get screwed over with any of those variables. I’ve done the work for you, and compiled this basic comparison chart of OEM specs. Before deciding on any one panel, I highly recommend you not only do your own research on the item but be sure to check the feedback from people who have actually purchased it. I don’t include feedback in this guide because it is so dynamic.

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