Shark Speed-R Released

Shark has just released a new helmet, the Speed-R. It features an adjustable sunshade (seen above), the wonderful Shark multiaxial fiber construction, and of course, lots of aerodynamic features (spoilers) and scoops. This helmet is sharp and has got all the style you’d expect from a sport rider helmet, with all the bells and whistles […]

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Review: Buffwear Head Buffs

I received a Buff as a gift several years ago for a 7-day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon during the summertime. I remembered seeing them on the show ‘Survivor’ that I used to watch, but I hadn’t thought about them much since. I mean, it’s just a sleeve of cloth with openings on both

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Gun Safe Shootout (Entry Level)

If you own any firearms, you probably understand the importance of keeping them locked up when they are not in use. Many people store their guns in a “gun cabinet” which is a simple metal cabinet with a locking mechanism in it, which cost about $100. Gun cabinets are great for keeping out curious children

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