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Trailer Build Update: Wheels Mounted

Despite some major setbacks from all the custom work, the trailer is progressing nicely. The Method Standard wheels and BFG tires were mounted just moments ago, and they look great! Note how close they are to the already cut-back side steps. You know what they say about big shoes…

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Trailer Production has Begun

It may not look like much, but this is the trailer build in progress. Ron at Bivouac Camping Trailers sent me these cell phone shots today, highlighting some of the progress on the Rigid lighting and wheel adapters from A-Dapt-It USA. Ron, Rick, and their team have been nothing short of… 

Expedition Trailer Shootout

My wife and I recently decided that we were going to purchase an ‘expedition trailer’ (aka ‘off-road trailer,’ ‘recreational trailer,’ and ‘camping trailer’) to expand our road trip capabilities. We wanted a simple off-road capable trailer with roof top tent capabilities, as opposed to hard shell and ‘pop up’ camper… 

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Sirennet SNDL3

Picture yourself driving down a two lane freeway. It’s dusk, headlights just came on, and you’re cruising at about 80mph, just enjoying the music and looking forward to getting home from your long road trip. You notice a shadow in the adjacent lane about 150 ft ahead. You flick on… 

Updates for the Bak Roll-X

Bak Industries quietly updated their Roll-X bed cover recently. Here are the changes: The large plastic hand fasteners (connecting the cover to the rails) have been replaced by standard nuts. There are now four fastener points connecting the cover to the rail, improved from the previous generation’s two fastener points….