Expedition Trailer Shootout

My wife and I recently decided that we were going to purchase an ‘expedition trailer’ (aka ‘off-road trailer,’ ‘recreational trailer,’ and ‘camping trailer’) to expand our road trip capabilities. We wanted a simple off-road capable trailer with rooftop tent capabilities, as opposed to hard shell and ‘pop up’ camper trailers. Now, as it turns out, there are quite a few companies in the USA making these unique trailers, but no real easy way to compare overall features and costs. I compiled this table to compare my top 5 choices, and it has greatly helped us compare our options.

Criteria/FeatureAdventure Trailers HorizonAdventure Trailers ChaserBivouac Camping Trailers M.O.A.B. FortManley ORV ExploreSchutt Industries XVenture XV1
Home TownPrescott, AZPrescott, AZPhoenix, AZCuyahoga Falls, OHClintonville, WI
Base Cost (US $)$11,000$7,236$5,695$7,795$12,000
Base Weight1100 lbs1100 lbs1250 lbs850 lbs1190 lbs
Axle Clearance24″24″16″12″ (estimated)17.5″
SuspensionTrailing Arm Air Suspension 4.0Trailing Arm Air Suspension 4.0Torsion AxleLeaf SpringTorsion Axle
Tire Size35″35″30″33″32″
Roof Top TentOption, $2,906Option, $2,667Option, $600, 2 person2 person RTT includedNot Included
Tongue StorageIncludedOption, $430Option, $2800, bundled with upgrade Package CNot OfferedIncluded
Cooking CapabilitiesOption, $805OptionOption, $2800, bundled with upgrade Package CNot OfferedOption
Water CapabilitiesOption, $525Option, $458Option, $5300, bundled with upgrade Package DNot OfferedOption
Plumbing Capabilities, Gas/WaterOptionOptionOption, $5300, bundled with upgrade Package DNot OfferedOption
Electronics CapabilitiesOptionsOptionsOption, $5300, bundled with upgrade Package DNot OfferedIncluded
Electric BrakesOption, $557Option, $557IncludedNot OfferedIncluded
LidIncludedIncludedIncluded, FixedIncludedIncluded
TailgateIncludedOption, $555IncludedIncluded, LockingIncluded
Made in the USAUnknownUnknownYesYesYes

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