LED Lights

Sirennet SNDL3

Picture yourself driving down a two-lane freeway. It’s dusk, headlights just came on, and you’re cruising at about 80mph, just enjoying the music and looking forward to getting home from your long road trip. You notice a shadow in the adjacent lane about 150 ft ahead. You flick on the brights and give a wide […]

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Off to the hurt locker! Taking the Zebralight H51 and the new Eneloops to Yosemite for some more testing this weekend. I expect nothing but good behavior out of you two.

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Review: Surefire G2X Pro

Surefire. One of the most trusted names in consumer flashlights. I’ve never been big on the brand because of pricing. They always carried average duty torches at heavy-duty price points. That is, until the 6PX/G2X line came out. Finally, a piece of glorified Surefire equipment that I could afford. But can it live up to

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