LED Torch Shootout

Deciding what torch to get can require a lot of crazy research. I know because I’ve done it. RC has spent weeks browsing forums, drinking beers, and making this spreadsheet to highlight some of the differences between RC’s favorite and recommended torches. They are organized by cell type, as it typically determines similar weight, size, and output characteristics.

For you rechargers out there, I’ve also included a handy guide to show rechargeable compatibility, and included where the deduction was made. If you are not familiar with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, RC highly recommends that you read up on the risks involved with using LiCo cell chemistry.

In using this chart, you assume all risks involved with Li-Ion cell chemistries, and agree not to hold RigCast responsible for any accidents, injuries, or problems otherwise.


To view the full page, go here.

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