Kershaw OD-2 Initial Impressions


This just in! A baby knife known as the Kershaw OverDrive 2 (OD-2). This little folder is only 3.13″ long closed, harboring a 2.25″ 8Cr13MoV stainless blade. While extremely small, this blade does have it’s purpose. It is an excellent candidate for the person who wants an EDC blade for everyday tasks but doesn’t want to carry a full-size blade. The OD2 will fulfill any cardboard and tape cutting needs you will ever have, as it comes extremely sharp. For reference, it was able to shave my arm right out of the box.

The little latch on the spine connects to a reduction drive gear mechanism that actually spits the blade out with the flick of your index finger. Not only is this fun, but once you get the hang of it (took me about 30 flicks) it actually feels natural. Clipped in my pocket its 1.4-ounce weight doesn’t even exist. I actually find myself grabbing for it every once and awhile to make sure it is still there. Regardless, the clip is tight (almost too tight), and it isn’t going anywhere.

The OD-2 is a great lightweight EDC candidate for simple daily tasks, and since it is widely sold for around $15, it is lightweight on the wallet, too.

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