Ballistol Is Bigger Than Ballistics

Ballistol is a product that I find myself routinely relying on, again and again. If you’re a consistent reader of RigCast, you’ll know that I use it on everything from knives to guns to leather. This is just a video to document another use I found.

Recently I came across a Yamaha Rhino with a door latch that wouldn’t work properly. To close the door, you would actually have to open the door latch manually, as opposed to letting it close like a normal door. The owner of the Rhino said that the latch had never worked and that the previous owner before him actually thought it was intended to operate manually! I laughed and guaranteed that Ballistol could fix it in under 5 minutes. Here are the results without any video editing. (Apologies for the vertical iPhone resolution, it was recorded impromptu as proof for a bet that was made.)

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