I’ve never had my house catch on fire, but I have a smoke alarm. I’ve never been in a car accident, but I have an airbag. I’ve never gotten scurvy, but I drink orange juice at breakfast. You can never be too prepared…preparedness is the key, that’s why I do all this. – Max Brooks

If you score a touchdown and do a crazy dance in the end zone, it tells a story. The story is: That guy’s never been there before. Instead, flip the ball to the ref, run back to the huddle, and make your next play. Act like you’ve been there before. – Unknown

The RigCast Honor Roll

Reading reviews can be really informative, but what if all you want is a cheat sheet? A list of recommended products from someone who has similar expectations and viewpoints as you? We interact with our friends and colleagues in this manner verbally on a daily basis, so now RigCast is adopting this convenience for your …

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. – Benjamin Franklin

Off to the hurt locker! Taking the Zebralight H51 and the new Eneloops to Yosemite for some more testing this weekend. I expect nothing but good behavior out of you two.

Luck favors the prepared. – Louis Pasteur

Review: Surefire G2X Pro

Surefire. One of the most trusted names in consumer flashlights. I’ve never been big on the brand because of pricing. They always carried average duty torches at heavy-duty price points. That is, until the 6PX/G2X line came out. Finally, a piece of glorified Surefire equipment that I could afford. But can it live up to …

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LED Torch Shootout

Deciding what torch to get can require a lot of crazy research. I know because I’ve done it. RC has spent weeks browsing forums, drinking beers, and making this spreadsheet to highlight some of the differences between RC’s favorite and recommended torches. They are organized by cell type, as it typically determines similar weight, size, …

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