Where is RigCast?

At the time of this post, RigCast is a hobby authored and maintained by one person, myself. Many friends and family provide gear for me to test, test gear themselves, and even give me feedback for write-ups and R3s, but as of today, I am the only one with RigCast authoring & administration credentials. I …

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ASU Solar Panel Install Timelapse

Arizona State University recently installed solar panels over the University Services Building parking lot. I captured the 2 months of construction and condensed it into a 5 minute time-lapse.

H51 vs H502 Outdoors

A little comparison of the Zebralight H51 (spot + spill) and H502 (flood) headlamps outdoors at night.

Mobile Videography, Free Today

I don’t like taking bulky camera equipment with me for video recording, so I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve using my iPhone as a primary means of capturing video footage. Unfortunately, I don’t like using the standard iPhone video app because it doesn’t autofocus. Until now, I have relied on Filmic …

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Phoenix Sunset Panorama

The desert is generally regarded as a harsh environment. Everything that lives there exists solely because it has learned to fight, and it usually isn’t afraid to fight you. However, sometimes the desert can downright startle you with its beauty. Of all the places I have been in the world, I’ve never seen a sunset …

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Huge Gear Sale at The Clymb

I often frequent gear deal sites, but never have I seen the variety of products currently available at The Clymb‘s summer sale extravaganza. If you haven’t checked it out already, scoot on over and take a peek at all the outdoor gear deals that are up to 90% off. Inventory tends to move rather quickly, so …

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Life Achievement: Ham License

These two circles and three signatures on this flimsy piece of paper mean I have successfully passed my amateur radio technician license test. Now it’s time for the fun part, getting a radio and playing around with some new tech. I will post a writeup on the what/why/how of ham radio soon, and you might …

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