Liquid Smoke

Ron Swanson knows best. If you are a whiskey fan, don’t miss this. Pairs with red meat, the outdoors, and a fire. Tastes like your clothes smell after camping, and yes, that’s a good thing.

Fix Your Squeaky Doors

What? Another Ballistol video? I’ll stop making Ballistol videos when people start realizing its potential. From carbon cleaner to plant protectant, Ballistol can do something for everyone. We all have an annoying door that screams at you in agony every time you open or close it. This is how you shut it up in under …

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Compass Shopping 101

Compasses are the foundation of any outdoorsman’s navigation skills. GPS, digital mapping, and electronics are all very useful supplemental tools, but a quality compass will always be a mandatory piece of equipment when traveling off the grid. So, you want to get a new high-quality compass, but you don’t know where to start. Who can …

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Ultralight Shelter Shootout

Recently, my Search and Rescue team required me to get some form of personal shelter. I got straight to my research and created a shootout to compare all my options. But first, let’s learn what’s important when you are in the market for a lightweight shelter system.