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H51 vs H502 Outdoors

A little comparison of the Zebralight H51 (spot + spill) and H502 (flood) headlamps outdoors at night.

Ultralight Shelter Shootout

Recently, my Search and Rescue team required me to get some form of personal shelter. I got straight to my research, and created a shootout to compare all my options. But first, let’s learn what’s important when you are in the market for a lightweight shelter system.

Backcountry Stove Shootout

If you plan on spending a night or more off the beaten path, a stove will be important for cooking, rehydrating meals, or just boiling water. But what goes into a stove? What should you be looking for? Well, as with all your gear, this comes down to what type… 

Backcountry Water Treatment Shootout

Who loves water? You do. You have to, I don’t care what you say. You are biologically engineered to love it. On an average day, doing nothing above average, the average healthy male human being needs at least 3 liters of water just to walk around and pick his nose…. 

Gun Safe Shootout (Entry Level)

If you own any firearms, you probably understand the importance of keeping them locked up when they are not in use. Many people store their guns in a “gun cabinet” which is a simple metal cabinet with a locking mechanism in it, which cost about $100. Gun cabinets are great… 

Portable Solar Panel Shootout

Interested in clean, free, portable power? Solar power is more than just great for backcountry comforts, but it is also an invaluable asset in a power outage or SHTF event. Even though the basic technology has been around for over 150 years, the consumer market for portable solar panels is… 

DreamHost vs HostGator

Unbeknownst¬†to most readers, before RigCast became RigCast.com, it existed as “GearTest” over at Tumblr. At the time, Tumblr made sense. Free, simple, and direct. As GearTest grew, and I became interested in pursuing it more seriously, I found Tumblr to be too restrictive with SEO, searches, and the UI wasn’t… 

LED Torch Shootout

Deciding what torch to get can require a lot of crazy research. I know because I’ve done it. RC has spent weeks browsing forums, drinking beers, and making this spreadsheet to highlight some of the differences between RC’s favorite and recommended torches. They are organized by cell type, as it…